Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Return From Battle From Supremacy!

Well Pariah Stevo and Myself have returned from Murfreesboro with a bag full of schwag and smiles on our faces. We finished the day with a record of 3W-0L-0T against a field of 23 teams, and came in 2nd overall, with fellow collaborator Wiley The Nord and his partner Necronian getting best painted, so not a bad outing for Da Deff Komp'ny team. There were some great armies on display, with equally great competion behind them. We decided last week to run an Ork/Dark Eldar matchup, relying on multiple scoring units and lots-o-dakka to win the day. Our lists -


Big Mek - KFF
11 Shoota Boys
...Big Shoota, Nob w/ Bosspole/Power Klaw
...Trukk - Boarding Planks, Red Paint, Reinforced Ram

12 Shoota Boys
...Big Shoota, Nob w/ Bosspole/Power Klaw
...Trukk - Boarding Planks, Red Paint, Reinforced Ram

12 Shoota Boys
...Big Shoota, Nob w/ Bosspole/Power Klaw
...Trukk - Boarding Planks, Red Paint, Reinforced Ram

2x14 Lootas


...Liquefier Gun, Mindphase Gauntlet
4x Wracks
Venom - 2x Splinter Cannons

5x Wracks
...Liquefier Gun
Venom - 2x Splinter Cannons

5x Wracks
...Liquefier Gun
Venom - 2x Splinter Cannons

4x Trueborn
...4x Blasts
Venom - 2x Splinter Cannons

5x Scourges
...2x Haywire Blasters

2x Ravagers
...Night Shields, Flicker Fields, Shock Prows

We were pleased with the way the list played, this bad boy pumps out some serious shots. The big Loota squads complement the DE well, and if you need to go punch somethin in the mouth, you can throw 2-3 trukks worth of boys at em. We played against some great opposition, who stretched this list to its limits. This may definitely become a more common list we try to take to team tourneys.

Regardless, we walked out of Grand Adventures with 50 bucks a piece worth of free GW product, which is always a nice thing. Battle For Supremacy was a well run tourney, especially considering the venue was changed due to circumstances beyond their control less than 2 weeks before the event. I will definitely have to put it on my calendar for next year, and you should too!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

1000pts In 7 Days, and Other Orkish Ramblings

Hey folks, Grizz here. Wiley, Pariah.Stevo (or should I say Lychguard.Stevo now :D ) and myself are headin to Murfreesboro TN to play in the Battle For Supremacy Team tournament this Saturday. After much discussion between Stevo and myself, we finally decided on our armies and lists two days ago. The awesome part? This will be my first tournament rockin my new orks. The bad part? I have 7 boys painted, and that's it. So, it shall be a busy week for the Grizz. I will be takin pics and updating y'all on my progress!

In other news, I got my first couple games in with my Orks, and got the opportunity to play against the brand new Necrons. Orks may be the funnest army I have ever played. Ever. When you are laughin your butt off while losing, you know you are playing something you enjoy. I played mine/stevo's team lists while he got to try out his new Necron dex using his very first army. Having not even glanced through the codex before, our first game was full of interesting surprises. 

Things I noticed in 2 games against them-

1) The Stormlord is pretty sweet. He was definitely the MVP of Game 1, as his nightfighting rules lasted for 4 turns, completely nerfing my shooting. The Lightning attacks were consistently hitting 2 units/tanks a turn, and doing serious damage. 

2) Tomb Blades are awesome. Jetbikes with S6 blasts? Yeah, they are the bee's knees. There is something to be said about mobile firepower, and boy the Tomb Blades have it in spades.

3) Scarabs are as annoying as the interwebz say they are. They dominate vehicles, and don't die very easily. Adding Tomb Spiders makes them just stupid.

4) Warriors, in my opinion, aren't as bad as people think they are. They are still LD 10, and are rockin Gauss weapons. No, they are not something you wanna just throw at the enemy, but they will make for some great objective holders and HQ hidey squads.

All in all, I think that the new Cron codex has a lot of flavor, and is a very synergistic book, with all components in your army working together in order to prevail. I am eager to see what the Necron people are going to be bringing to the table, and what units they play.

If y'all are free this weekend and wanna get some 40k in, you should call Grand Adventures in Murfreesboro and sign up! Maybe we'll see you there!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Crypteks Workshop: Necron Tomb Blades WIP

Hey guys. Today I wanted to show ya'll what I have been up to during my first weekend off in ages. First off, I'm sorry for the bad cell phone pics. My phone really is old and terrible ( too much 40k being the obvious cause.) As usually with a new codex, There are many models that just don't have a model yet, but of course we want our new shinys NOW!!! The only down side to this is that, if you spend tons of cash making your kustom models it is very difficult when GW actually makes a model, cuz then you kustom jobs look like dump in comparison to the new ones. So the trick is to make something that is obviously what it is intended to represent, without setting you back a couple of hundred. If you get lucky, the new creation may be good enough to continue to use even after the new ones come out, but making it look perfect, or to perfectly match the concept drawing, shouldn't be the primary goal in such a conversion. In fact, going of the concept is not always the best idea, as GW has been known to change there minds.
Codex Concept pic
Later released model

This is where Multi-unit boxes come in. Multi-unit boxes have their pros and cons(which is a different article all together), but it does leave you with tons and tons of unused bits. Xenos races in general can take advantage of this. Xenos conversions need to hit a certain "style note" to match the rest of the range. Using unused bits from Multi-unit boxes is great way to achieve this, you just have to be creative.

Almost every bit in this conversion is unused bits from the Immortal/ Deathmark kit and the Triach/ Lychguard kit. Obviously bits from the warrior kit were used. I did use was the front ram bit from the DE Raider kit. (f.y.i. any DE player has about 10 extra lying around and would probably just give you a few if you need them)

Running Late. I will add a few more pics later. What to you think? do they look ok?, or are they dumb lookin'?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boss Grimgor Skulskraga, Baddest ov da Evil Sunz

So, I finally got my Finecast Ghazghkull Thraka model in, and let me tell ya, this model is EPIC! It's light, goes together like pie, paints like a dream, and looks utterly badass.What more could one ask for? So, needless to say, as soon as I got home I began painting this bad boy. I am pretty pleased with him, and I am very glad that I was able to duplicate the battle damage highlight effect that  I liked so much on my first bike. What do y'all think?


Just coated ol Gromgor in a devlan mud wash, to give him a more dirty look

There he is, Boss Grimgor Skulskraga, ready to lead his Evil Sunz into glorious Battle!! How did The Grizz Do?? Let us know, Down Below!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dark Eldar or bust...

So I have committed to Adepitcon this year, going with some folks from Murfreesboro. We will be doing the 4 man team tournament, I'm pretty stoked!

But that's another story for another post.

I'm here to discuss the 40k championships! I plan to have Dark Eldar painted and ready to go by then. You can see a few of my models attached to this post, still WIP but getting closer.

I'm considering a list like this:
Kabal of the Emerald Serpent - 1850


3 X 3 blaster armed trueborn
Venom with extra splinter cannon and night shields

4 X 5 warriors with blaster
Venom with extra splinter cannon and night shields

10 Wracks with 2 liquors
Raider with night shields, flickerfield, shock prow

7 Wyches with 1 hydra gauntlet
1 Hekatrix with Agonizer
Raider with night shields, flickerfield, shock prow

3 X 1 Ravager with 3 dark lances, night shields, flickerfield

I've been pretty successful with it at 2k with an extra haemmie and more Wyches so I expect similar play from this list. The only downside is the painting...time to get cracking!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

WAAAGH!!! Grimgor has begun!!!

Hey all, made it up to Dicehead Games today and walked out with a big bag of Orks and a smile. WAAAGH Grimgor has begun!!! So I began puttin them together and tryin out paint schemes. I am not going for Golden Daemon, just somethin that looks good on the table and paints quickly. So here is some phone pics of my first Boy!

So, What we think? Awesome? Crapola? Somewhere in between? Let us know down below!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Every Other Blog I have read Today!!!

Necrons pics were leaked. They look cool. Gamesworkshop is expensive, so it sucks.....

What the eff, man? Necrons were my first army. I don't care what they cost. IF i got the cash, im buying them. The last couple of codices were amazing. The models have been fantastic. The last XENOS release was one of the biggest, most beautiful model ranges the GW has ever released. GW is expensive. Deal.... And I'm spent.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Grizz Goes WAAAGH!!!

A few days ago, Yours Truly was sitting in his man room surveying all of his Warhammer armies. As I looked at each army, I was reminded of all the great games, fun paint schemes, and unique conversions that each army possessed. Then, at the end of the line, were my Tyranids. I looked at the paint scheme, a striking yet difficult pain in the butt job. I then thought of all the fun games I had with them - none. I then began to wonder why I even had this army.

I didn't enjoy painting them, converting them was okay, and playing them was never an enjoyable experience, as I never had a good chance at winning. I didn't enjoy the playstyle, and I would never get them finished painted. So I decided to rid myself of the infestation and switch to a Xenos army a little more of the fungal variety. 

So Friday I picked up Codex: Orks. I have always had a fascination with the Orks. They have some of the best fluff/models/conversion abilities in the game. They play on the table just like they fight in the fluff, which to me is a big bonus. And with my buddy Pariah Stevo living 90 miles away, I don't get to play against them as often as I'd like, so now I have an excuse to indulge my inner ork. So today I began paint testing for Boss Grimgor Skulskragga's Mighty WAAAGH!!! 

I decided on the Evil Sunz Clan, more or less because "da red wuns go Fasta!!!" and I really liked the scheme. So I tested my skills on a warbike. Sorry about the phone pics, but otherwise I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, other than the white, still not completely pleased with it, but anyway without further ado, I give you my first Ork Paintjob.

So, what do we think? Awesome? Suck? Somewhere in between? Let us know in the comments below!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Food for Thought: MSU Assault Armies?!?!?!?! and Lovely Ladies

Cuz this blog is about collectin' 'eads!!!
Hi everyone!!! I've had and idea floating around in my head. It is not hard to go to a tournament and see what type of armies are winning now a days. Razor-spam, Venom-spam, Leafblower Guard, they all have three things in common, Multiple Units, Multiple Vehicles, and Shooty as Heck.
The other Idea I have been having is that assualt in dead, why? because with the last 2 Codices to come out are insanely shooty. Add that to the Shootyness of Guard and Space Wolves and you have one shooty meta-game. It is kinda starting to remind me of 4th ed. :(
The thing is, I prefer assault armies, so My question is this: Can the MSU principle be adapted to assault oriented lists? Normally it can't. Why? Because assault units are generally twice as expensive as Shooty ones. Anyhow, I present to you two 2000pt lists that I think can take advantage.of MSU  and still collect some heads in the process. The theme is cheap power weapons, cheep transports, and cheap anti tank.

GK Death Cult Assassin List 2000pts
Armor? It feels good when a Bolter makes your chest explode.

GK Death Cult Assassin List 2000pts

Inquisitor Coteaz
Xenos Inq. w/ Hammerhand, Force weapon, Digital weapons, Pychostroke Grenades, Rad Grenades

Vindicare Assassin

Ven. Psy-Rifle Dread

6 X Henchman Squads: 5 Death Cult Assasins, 3 Warriors w/ Melta guns, 1 Warrior w/ target on forehead (ablative wound) in Chimera

3 X Psy-Rifle Dreads

Total 1999pts.
I like this list. 10 armor 12 vehicles, 18 melta guns, 18 Mult-laser shots, 16 TL rifleman shots. I'm really thinking about building this one putting it on the table top.

Dark Eldar MSU assault.

Armor? It feels good when a Bolter makes your chest explode

Archon w/  Agoniser, Blast Pistol, Haywire Grenades, combat Drugs, Shado Field


3 X 4 Man Incubi Squad w/ Venom

6 X 5 Wyches w/ 1 Hydra Gauntlets
Hekatrix w/ Blast Pistol, Venom blade

3 Ravangers

Ok, I know Drazhar doesn't fit the cheap catagorey, but I love him. One reason I love him is he fixes two of the main issues of incubi: Leadership and Anti Tank. I also know that all the blast pistols are in unusually places, but I think Wyches are prime for what im looking for and the anti is much needed.

So that is about it. I think next post I might try a MSU Ork List and see how it goes. What kind of MSU  Assault lists can you come up with. Feel free to post whatever list you can come up with? How good do you think the lists I came up with will do?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Noise Marines... The Forgotten Cultist?

When building a Chaos list (who does that anymore, I mean really...) many skip over the lowly CSM's and go straight for the Cult Marines. Obvious choice really, as the cult marines can do some pretty cool stuff. So naturally you see a lot off Chaos lists runnin the immovable Plague Marines, or the close combat baddies, the Khorne Bezerkers. I've even seen entire armies built on the backs of those 4++ Thousand Sons. One thing missing from this list is Slaanesh's own, the Noise Marines.

Why do we not see more units of Noise Marines on the table? Possibly because Plague Marines and Bezerkers are the "obvious choices" in the book. The interwebz tells us that old codexes only have one way to play competitively, and all other choices are suck. Now while based in truth, this generalization can really keep people from finding out that some units are exactly what their army needed.

All the fellers can switch from the regular ol' bolter to the Sonic Blaster, essentially making their bolter either Assault 2 or Heavy 3. Doesnt sound like much but being able to double tap a bolter then charge in at I5 with 3 attacks a piece is sweet.

I like to think that they rock out to Poison
 and White Snake while they flay the skin from
Your Bones
Then one dude can get the almighty Blastmaster. This may be my favorite gun in the effin game. It has two different settings, an assault and a heavy, that both cause pinning. The assault is basically a heavy bolter with one less shot. Okay, not too bad. The heavy is where it gets fun. Imagine a krak missile with a small blast. Yeah, buh bye MEQs. This thing is awesome. It can pop tanks, kill infantry, take out heavy infantry, I mean it can do it all.

The last cool thing is the Doom Siren. It is a champion upgrade, and it packs a wallop. It is a heavy flamer that is ap3. Let me repeat that. It is an AP 3 Flamer. Basically you roll up to your opponent and say, "Lets play pick up your marines on a 3+". This unit now has a crapton of killin power.

Now comes the question, "Well how do we use these guys?". Well glad you asked. This unit can't take a beating like plague marines, Nor can it charge into battle like Bezerkers. The Noise Marines are more of a thinking man's unit. I tend to run Chaos squads in their sacred number, as I think it brings good luck, and it also tends to put the unit at the right point cost, not too high nor too low. 

Therefore I run them in squads of 6 in a rhino. I start them out as fire support, sitting on my objective in C&C, anchoring the back line and using their blastmasters to take out high priority targets, while the rest of the army surges forward. This gives your army a solid choice for objective sitting, while giving you a few more shots.

The great thing about these guys is their ability to protect your objectives. I am currently running two squads. Now to the untrained opponent, 12 guys in rhinos on an objective doesn't seem like much. This is where the unit excels. These puppies. can pop out and dump 8 Bolter shots, 2 Heavy Bolter shots, and a AP 3 flamer shot per unit. Then you charge in and wipe out whats left. Very little can take that many shots and the subsequent charge. 

For an example, here is the list that I am currently runnin.

7x Plague Marines
...2x Melta, Fisty Champ w/ combimelta
Land Raider - EA, Dozer Blade

Kharn the Betrayer
8x Zerkers
...Fisty Champ
Land Raider - EA, Dozer Blade

2x6 Noise Marines
...4x Sonic Blasters, Blastmaster, Champ w/ Doom Siren

2x Oblits


In this list, the 2 Raiders are free to go and rock face and such, while my Noise Marines hang back and hold my objective (or the closest ones to my side of the board). With pure 'Zerker and Nurgle armies, it sucks leaving one of those squads back, with Noise Marines, you won't have to.They excel at this fire support role, but are no slouch when the enemy closes in. 

Well thats all for today, I have been having a blast pulling the Chaos out and giving them a whirl. It is fun to watch a list out of an outdated codex play well, and if you've got your chaos on the shelf, I encourage you to pull 'em out and let the most characterful army in 40k march the fields of battle once again for the Dark Pantheon. Until next time, Grizz Out!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ard Boyz Semis, quick and dirty...

I lost.
But good things happened too!
I qualified with my razorspam Blood Angels list, but I wanted to try something new for the Semis, so I mixed it up with a nasty Coteaz henchmen list:
Coteaz, Grandmaster with tons of grenades, 3 venerable pysriflemen, 4 Henchmen squads that were just 3 warriors with melta, 1 shooty Henchmen squad with 3 plasma cannons, 3 jokers and warriors, a squad with 7 DCA and 3 flamer warriors all with psybolt razors, a stormraven (for the Grandmaster and dca squad) and 3 psyriflemen dreads.
First mission was "messenger", nominate a troop model to be the messenger, get it into your enemy's deployment zone for a vp bonus, victory points to win. I rolled up my buddy Tommy (Puma713) he was playing mech BA, with Mephisty, 2 LR, Asscannon razors and a vindy for good measure. I did well up till turn 3 and for some reason I had a lapse of reason and moved my 3 venerable dreads towards his LR and got triple charged by fnp termies, swinging kps in his favor, I never really recovered and he got a major victory.
Bound to annihilate my next opponent I roll up Jeff in the "get more scoring units within 6" of the center" mission. Jeff was a nice guy and his list probably could have done well on this mission, he played horde orks with ghazzie ambushing with snikrot. Had he walked ghazzie up the center of the board I think he wins...but I roll grand strategy and get a 4 choosing 2 ven dreads to score. Then I get first turn...I think after my alpha strike I had killed both looted wagons, the battlewagon, his looks, a unit of stormboyz and around 17 boyz...massacred him in 4 turns.
I felt pretty good after my massacre because a lot of folks tied the second mission, my next opponent was Clay from Mobile, AL playing Draigowing. I anticipate a massacre since I have twice as many shots per turn as he has models. We roll for deployment and he chooses a quarter with the biggest piece of LoS blocking terrain I have ever seen...literally. It was 20" long, 6" wide and 5" tall....this is gonna suck...Coteaz sees me sieze on my second try and I do what I can to shoot him, Immobilizing his stormraven and killing a 5 man purified squad. Second turn I killed some pallies and then immobilized the LR, I'm feeling better! Turn 3 time to roll the mission (roll a d6 at start of 3 to determine mission, kp quarters or hold terrain) I pray for quarters or terrain, but the emperor didn't hear my cries...kp. my army has 23 available kps, his has 9...he wins 6-5 with only 5 models on the table...I hate life...
Grats to my fellow Fixed Dicer Rob Blackwell on second!
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Space Marine - First Impressions

Hey all, The Grizz here. Since yesterday the couch and my butt have been inseparable. "Why is your posterior unable to remove itself from directly in front of your Plasma Screen Grizz?" you ask. "Two words," I utter, "Space Marine".

Words cannot describe the nerdgasm that is Space Marine. From the time I put it in the Xbox I have been hooked. The campaign is a lot of fun. You are a Space Marine captain deployed to a forge world overrun by an Ork Horde. It is up to you and your veterans to save the planet and vanquish the Green Tide. Oh yeah, and there's daemons. Take that. 

The missions are pretty straight forward, and the controls are easy to get a handle on. The Melee system is pretty neat, and allows for some Tekken-esqe combos. Nothing about the gameplay is awkward, everything flows pretty smoothly. The only thing that I have missed is the Gears of War cover style. There is no way to properly hide behind cover, but then again You are an Astartes, a Captain no less, so maybe cover isn't a big concern for you.

pshh Cover, Who needs that?

You get a multitude of weapons, each with a different purpose (wait till you vape an ork with a meltagun for the first time, nothing but red mist and a "HOLY SH---!!!!!!" ). All of the wepons save one is from the actual 40k universe, so it should look pretty familiar. 

The multiplayer is a blast. There are only two types of games thus far, Seize Ground and Annihilation (see what they did there?) , but honestly, when you play CoD or Halo, how often do you deviate from slayer/deathmatch? You level up much like CoD, to a maximum of 41 (41 levels, 41st Millenium, if you haven't noticed there is a theme here..) and gain new weapons, perks, and armor along the way. The real cool part of multiplayer, however, is the customizer. 

This allows you to make your own chapter to play with in multiplayer. And believe me, whatever your chapter looks like, you can make it in the customizer. In the paint section, all the GW paints are in there. So if you painted your Marines Mechrite Red, you go over to the colors and select Mechrite Red. Pretty cool, Right? Last night I was literally up till 2am paintin power armor. The Chaos armor is the same way. So if you can dream it, you can fight against other nerds over the internet wearing it!

Graphics = Epic
The Graphics really are top notch. Everything is rendered smoothly, the Space Marines look amazing, the world is all grimdarkly proper. Usually games like this lack in either graphics, story, or gameplay, with the company just trying to scrape as much money as they can out of the title alone. As much as we bitch and moan about Games Workshop bein too overprotective of their IP, it made Space Marine what it is -epic. GW doesn't want their IP to go to the crapper, so they made sure that everything was right and perfect. Honestly that is what made the game for me, how you can tell that GW wanted it done right.

Relic/THQ nailed it. There is no other way to say it. The Ultramarines act just the way one would expect an Ultramarine to act. The Guardsmen look/act just like Guardsmen. A bolter looks and sounds just like I always thought it would, I mean I could go on and on. This game is 100% 40k and 100% fun. As a 40k fanatic and a video game nerd, its like a double whammy of awesome. 

Oh yeah, did I mention you get to shoot Storm Boyz out of a Valkyrie?

The greatest element to this game as far as getting you into character, however, is the health system. Your health doesn't regenerate, there are no health packs. There is only one way to regain health - kill. By doing certain attacks, you regain health. And once you've killed a multitudinous amount of crap you can unleash your Fury Meter. This also fills your health, and makes you uber marine, boosting damage output.

This element is integral to this game, as when you are hurt, you aren't looking for a place to hide, nor are you running from your enemy. You wipe the blood from your mouth, heft your chainsword, and charge straight into the horde, killing all that stands before you. That is what it means to be an Angel of Death, to Know No Fear. That dynamic is what makes Space Marine great. They put you in the power armor and tell you to " 'Ave a go at 'em".

Now I know that it seems like this post is a whole lot of "blah blah awesome game blah blah cool great blah", but in all honesty, if you love this hobby like I do and are into video games, there is just no way you can pass this one up. So go out, buy the game. You can thank me later.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Unit Comparison: 5 Warriors vs 5 Wracks

Wow. It's been a long two months. For those of you who don't know, I got a new job, moved, got a house, all sorts of crap. Also with all this going on, my monitor acted funny. I let my wife called HP to get a new one. Long story short, I spent the last 3 nights trying to repair my computer. I am also very happy to be apart of Da Deff Kompny Supa Duppa Mo Dakka, Mo Chopper, Krumpedy Krump( just like Gork, or possibley Mork) Blog ever!!!! Anyhow, the Blog fairy is angry so on to the article....

Ok, I've been thinking, Venom spam seems to be all the rage right now. I am personally not convinced,  but that is another story. I definitely see the appeal. Venoms are amazing. I have been running 10 man squads and have found them to be a tad lacking. I am also finding it harder to squeeze in enough Anti tank and decent assault units. And at the end of the day, it's not like 10 man units are more durable or anything. All these things got me thinking about our "red-headed step child" troop choice, wracks. Anyhow lets compare two very similar units.

Warrior Unit.......125 pts.
5 Warrior
Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannon

Wrack Unit.......125 pts.
5 Wracks
Liquifier Gun
Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons

The warriors are the classic choice. They are much more fragile than the wracks but, their big advantage is the blaster. One blaster doesn't seem like much, but remember we are looking at the army as a whole. That means 5 or 6 more darklight shots on the table. That can really change the game. Plus the poison shots can be great. The Wracks have poison, but have to be in assault to use it. And when I say Wracks are more durable, it still doesn't mean they are all that durable. T4 FNP is good, but with 5 models it is still not the type of unit that can get thrown into the mix.

Of course, in every other way the wracks are better. The only real down side is the having to take a haemonculus to make them troops, and it's not really a downside, just a restriction. Plus the liquifier gun can be a MONSTER!!!. I killed a 10 man unit of Eldar warp spiders in one shot. Absolutely gross. Another great thing is, if you have an assault force, or plan to assault anything, the Wracks have the ability to move up and support, where as the others can't.

Verdict: At the end of the day,which is better? I think, like with all DE armies it depends on the army you build around it. I personally think wracks are better. They will be more able to push units off of objectives, as well as the abiltiy to support other assault units in your force.  Compared to some of our other anti-infantry options, 125pts for this unit's damage output is a steal. Also, anti tank can often be found most efficiently in the rest of the army. Of course, if you need the anti-tank, or have a generally shooty force, warriors are the obvious choice.