Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ard Boyz Semis, quick and dirty...

I lost.
But good things happened too!
I qualified with my razorspam Blood Angels list, but I wanted to try something new for the Semis, so I mixed it up with a nasty Coteaz henchmen list:
Coteaz, Grandmaster with tons of grenades, 3 venerable pysriflemen, 4 Henchmen squads that were just 3 warriors with melta, 1 shooty Henchmen squad with 3 plasma cannons, 3 jokers and warriors, a squad with 7 DCA and 3 flamer warriors all with psybolt razors, a stormraven (for the Grandmaster and dca squad) and 3 psyriflemen dreads.
First mission was "messenger", nominate a troop model to be the messenger, get it into your enemy's deployment zone for a vp bonus, victory points to win. I rolled up my buddy Tommy (Puma713) he was playing mech BA, with Mephisty, 2 LR, Asscannon razors and a vindy for good measure. I did well up till turn 3 and for some reason I had a lapse of reason and moved my 3 venerable dreads towards his LR and got triple charged by fnp termies, swinging kps in his favor, I never really recovered and he got a major victory.
Bound to annihilate my next opponent I roll up Jeff in the "get more scoring units within 6" of the center" mission. Jeff was a nice guy and his list probably could have done well on this mission, he played horde orks with ghazzie ambushing with snikrot. Had he walked ghazzie up the center of the board I think he wins...but I roll grand strategy and get a 4 choosing 2 ven dreads to score. Then I get first turn...I think after my alpha strike I had killed both looted wagons, the battlewagon, his looks, a unit of stormboyz and around 17 boyz...massacred him in 4 turns.
I felt pretty good after my massacre because a lot of folks tied the second mission, my next opponent was Clay from Mobile, AL playing Draigowing. I anticipate a massacre since I have twice as many shots per turn as he has models. We roll for deployment and he chooses a quarter with the biggest piece of LoS blocking terrain I have ever seen...literally. It was 20" long, 6" wide and 5" tall....this is gonna suck...Coteaz sees me sieze on my second try and I do what I can to shoot him, Immobilizing his stormraven and killing a 5 man purified squad. Second turn I killed some pallies and then immobilized the LR, I'm feeling better! Turn 3 time to roll the mission (roll a d6 at start of 3 to determine mission, kp quarters or hold terrain) I pray for quarters or terrain, but the emperor didn't hear my cries...kp. my army has 23 available kps, his has 9...he wins 6-5 with only 5 models on the table...I hate life...
Grats to my fellow Fixed Dicer Rob Blackwell on second!
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  1. shit siegaan is here! get the tank on him, I'll buff shear!