Sunday, November 27, 2011

1000pts In 7 Days, and Other Orkish Ramblings

Hey folks, Grizz here. Wiley, Pariah.Stevo (or should I say Lychguard.Stevo now :D ) and myself are headin to Murfreesboro TN to play in the Battle For Supremacy Team tournament this Saturday. After much discussion between Stevo and myself, we finally decided on our armies and lists two days ago. The awesome part? This will be my first tournament rockin my new orks. The bad part? I have 7 boys painted, and that's it. So, it shall be a busy week for the Grizz. I will be takin pics and updating y'all on my progress!

In other news, I got my first couple games in with my Orks, and got the opportunity to play against the brand new Necrons. Orks may be the funnest army I have ever played. Ever. When you are laughin your butt off while losing, you know you are playing something you enjoy. I played mine/stevo's team lists while he got to try out his new Necron dex using his very first army. Having not even glanced through the codex before, our first game was full of interesting surprises. 

Things I noticed in 2 games against them-

1) The Stormlord is pretty sweet. He was definitely the MVP of Game 1, as his nightfighting rules lasted for 4 turns, completely nerfing my shooting. The Lightning attacks were consistently hitting 2 units/tanks a turn, and doing serious damage. 

2) Tomb Blades are awesome. Jetbikes with S6 blasts? Yeah, they are the bee's knees. There is something to be said about mobile firepower, and boy the Tomb Blades have it in spades.

3) Scarabs are as annoying as the interwebz say they are. They dominate vehicles, and don't die very easily. Adding Tomb Spiders makes them just stupid.

4) Warriors, in my opinion, aren't as bad as people think they are. They are still LD 10, and are rockin Gauss weapons. No, they are not something you wanna just throw at the enemy, but they will make for some great objective holders and HQ hidey squads.

All in all, I think that the new Cron codex has a lot of flavor, and is a very synergistic book, with all components in your army working together in order to prevail. I am eager to see what the Necron people are going to be bringing to the table, and what units they play.

If y'all are free this weekend and wanna get some 40k in, you should call Grand Adventures in Murfreesboro and sign up! Maybe we'll see you there!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Crypteks Workshop: Necron Tomb Blades WIP

Hey guys. Today I wanted to show ya'll what I have been up to during my first weekend off in ages. First off, I'm sorry for the bad cell phone pics. My phone really is old and terrible ( too much 40k being the obvious cause.) As usually with a new codex, There are many models that just don't have a model yet, but of course we want our new shinys NOW!!! The only down side to this is that, if you spend tons of cash making your kustom models it is very difficult when GW actually makes a model, cuz then you kustom jobs look like dump in comparison to the new ones. So the trick is to make something that is obviously what it is intended to represent, without setting you back a couple of hundred. If you get lucky, the new creation may be good enough to continue to use even after the new ones come out, but making it look perfect, or to perfectly match the concept drawing, shouldn't be the primary goal in such a conversion. In fact, going of the concept is not always the best idea, as GW has been known to change there minds.
Codex Concept pic
Later released model

This is where Multi-unit boxes come in. Multi-unit boxes have their pros and cons(which is a different article all together), but it does leave you with tons and tons of unused bits. Xenos races in general can take advantage of this. Xenos conversions need to hit a certain "style note" to match the rest of the range. Using unused bits from Multi-unit boxes is great way to achieve this, you just have to be creative.

Almost every bit in this conversion is unused bits from the Immortal/ Deathmark kit and the Triach/ Lychguard kit. Obviously bits from the warrior kit were used. I did use was the front ram bit from the DE Raider kit. (f.y.i. any DE player has about 10 extra lying around and would probably just give you a few if you need them)

Running Late. I will add a few more pics later. What to you think? do they look ok?, or are they dumb lookin'?