Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boss Grimgor Skulskraga, Baddest ov da Evil Sunz

So, I finally got my Finecast Ghazghkull Thraka model in, and let me tell ya, this model is EPIC! It's light, goes together like pie, paints like a dream, and looks utterly badass.What more could one ask for? So, needless to say, as soon as I got home I began painting this bad boy. I am pretty pleased with him, and I am very glad that I was able to duplicate the battle damage highlight effect that  I liked so much on my first bike. What do y'all think?


Just coated ol Gromgor in a devlan mud wash, to give him a more dirty look

There he is, Boss Grimgor Skulskraga, ready to lead his Evil Sunz into glorious Battle!! How did The Grizz Do?? Let us know, Down Below!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dark Eldar or bust...

So I have committed to Adepitcon this year, going with some folks from Murfreesboro. We will be doing the 4 man team tournament, I'm pretty stoked!

But that's another story for another post.

I'm here to discuss the 40k championships! I plan to have Dark Eldar painted and ready to go by then. You can see a few of my models attached to this post, still WIP but getting closer.

I'm considering a list like this:
Kabal of the Emerald Serpent - 1850


3 X 3 blaster armed trueborn
Venom with extra splinter cannon and night shields

4 X 5 warriors with blaster
Venom with extra splinter cannon and night shields

10 Wracks with 2 liquors
Raider with night shields, flickerfield, shock prow

7 Wyches with 1 hydra gauntlet
1 Hekatrix with Agonizer
Raider with night shields, flickerfield, shock prow

3 X 1 Ravager with 3 dark lances, night shields, flickerfield

I've been pretty successful with it at 2k with an extra haemmie and more Wyches so I expect similar play from this list. The only downside is the painting...time to get cracking!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

WAAAGH!!! Grimgor has begun!!!

Hey all, made it up to Dicehead Games today and walked out with a big bag of Orks and a smile. WAAAGH Grimgor has begun!!! So I began puttin them together and tryin out paint schemes. I am not going for Golden Daemon, just somethin that looks good on the table and paints quickly. So here is some phone pics of my first Boy!

So, What we think? Awesome? Crapola? Somewhere in between? Let us know down below!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Every Other Blog I have read Today!!!

Necrons pics were leaked. They look cool. Gamesworkshop is expensive, so it sucks.....

What the eff, man? Necrons were my first army. I don't care what they cost. IF i got the cash, im buying them. The last couple of codices were amazing. The models have been fantastic. The last XENOS release was one of the biggest, most beautiful model ranges the GW has ever released. GW is expensive. Deal.... And I'm spent.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Grizz Goes WAAAGH!!!

A few days ago, Yours Truly was sitting in his man room surveying all of his Warhammer armies. As I looked at each army, I was reminded of all the great games, fun paint schemes, and unique conversions that each army possessed. Then, at the end of the line, were my Tyranids. I looked at the paint scheme, a striking yet difficult pain in the butt job. I then thought of all the fun games I had with them - none. I then began to wonder why I even had this army.

I didn't enjoy painting them, converting them was okay, and playing them was never an enjoyable experience, as I never had a good chance at winning. I didn't enjoy the playstyle, and I would never get them finished painted. So I decided to rid myself of the infestation and switch to a Xenos army a little more of the fungal variety. 

So Friday I picked up Codex: Orks. I have always had a fascination with the Orks. They have some of the best fluff/models/conversion abilities in the game. They play on the table just like they fight in the fluff, which to me is a big bonus. And with my buddy Pariah Stevo living 90 miles away, I don't get to play against them as often as I'd like, so now I have an excuse to indulge my inner ork. So today I began paint testing for Boss Grimgor Skulskragga's Mighty WAAAGH!!! 

I decided on the Evil Sunz Clan, more or less because "da red wuns go Fasta!!!" and I really liked the scheme. So I tested my skills on a warbike. Sorry about the phone pics, but otherwise I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, other than the white, still not completely pleased with it, but anyway without further ado, I give you my first Ork Paintjob.

So, what do we think? Awesome? Suck? Somewhere in between? Let us know in the comments below!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Food for Thought: MSU Assault Armies?!?!?!?! and Lovely Ladies

Cuz this blog is about collectin' 'eads!!!
Hi everyone!!! I've had and idea floating around in my head. It is not hard to go to a tournament and see what type of armies are winning now a days. Razor-spam, Venom-spam, Leafblower Guard, they all have three things in common, Multiple Units, Multiple Vehicles, and Shooty as Heck.
The other Idea I have been having is that assualt in dead, why? because with the last 2 Codices to come out are insanely shooty. Add that to the Shootyness of Guard and Space Wolves and you have one shooty meta-game. It is kinda starting to remind me of 4th ed. :(
The thing is, I prefer assault armies, so My question is this: Can the MSU principle be adapted to assault oriented lists? Normally it can't. Why? Because assault units are generally twice as expensive as Shooty ones. Anyhow, I present to you two 2000pt lists that I think can take advantage.of MSU  and still collect some heads in the process. The theme is cheap power weapons, cheep transports, and cheap anti tank.

GK Death Cult Assassin List 2000pts
Armor? It feels good when a Bolter makes your chest explode.

GK Death Cult Assassin List 2000pts

Inquisitor Coteaz
Xenos Inq. w/ Hammerhand, Force weapon, Digital weapons, Pychostroke Grenades, Rad Grenades

Vindicare Assassin

Ven. Psy-Rifle Dread

6 X Henchman Squads: 5 Death Cult Assasins, 3 Warriors w/ Melta guns, 1 Warrior w/ target on forehead (ablative wound) in Chimera

3 X Psy-Rifle Dreads

Total 1999pts.
I like this list. 10 armor 12 vehicles, 18 melta guns, 18 Mult-laser shots, 16 TL rifleman shots. I'm really thinking about building this one putting it on the table top.

Dark Eldar MSU assault.

Armor? It feels good when a Bolter makes your chest explode

Archon w/  Agoniser, Blast Pistol, Haywire Grenades, combat Drugs, Shado Field


3 X 4 Man Incubi Squad w/ Venom

6 X 5 Wyches w/ 1 Hydra Gauntlets
Hekatrix w/ Blast Pistol, Venom blade

3 Ravangers

Ok, I know Drazhar doesn't fit the cheap catagorey, but I love him. One reason I love him is he fixes two of the main issues of incubi: Leadership and Anti Tank. I also know that all the blast pistols are in unusually places, but I think Wyches are prime for what im looking for and the anti is much needed.

So that is about it. I think next post I might try a MSU Ork List and see how it goes. What kind of MSU  Assault lists can you come up with. Feel free to post whatever list you can come up with? How good do you think the lists I came up with will do?