Monday, October 3, 2011

Food for Thought: MSU Assault Armies?!?!?!?! and Lovely Ladies

Cuz this blog is about collectin' 'eads!!!
Hi everyone!!! I've had and idea floating around in my head. It is not hard to go to a tournament and see what type of armies are winning now a days. Razor-spam, Venom-spam, Leafblower Guard, they all have three things in common, Multiple Units, Multiple Vehicles, and Shooty as Heck.
The other Idea I have been having is that assualt in dead, why? because with the last 2 Codices to come out are insanely shooty. Add that to the Shootyness of Guard and Space Wolves and you have one shooty meta-game. It is kinda starting to remind me of 4th ed. :(
The thing is, I prefer assault armies, so My question is this: Can the MSU principle be adapted to assault oriented lists? Normally it can't. Why? Because assault units are generally twice as expensive as Shooty ones. Anyhow, I present to you two 2000pt lists that I think can take advantage.of MSU  and still collect some heads in the process. The theme is cheap power weapons, cheep transports, and cheap anti tank.

GK Death Cult Assassin List 2000pts
Armor? It feels good when a Bolter makes your chest explode.

GK Death Cult Assassin List 2000pts

Inquisitor Coteaz
Xenos Inq. w/ Hammerhand, Force weapon, Digital weapons, Pychostroke Grenades, Rad Grenades

Vindicare Assassin

Ven. Psy-Rifle Dread

6 X Henchman Squads: 5 Death Cult Assasins, 3 Warriors w/ Melta guns, 1 Warrior w/ target on forehead (ablative wound) in Chimera

3 X Psy-Rifle Dreads

Total 1999pts.
I like this list. 10 armor 12 vehicles, 18 melta guns, 18 Mult-laser shots, 16 TL rifleman shots. I'm really thinking about building this one putting it on the table top.

Dark Eldar MSU assault.

Armor? It feels good when a Bolter makes your chest explode

Archon w/  Agoniser, Blast Pistol, Haywire Grenades, combat Drugs, Shado Field


3 X 4 Man Incubi Squad w/ Venom

6 X 5 Wyches w/ 1 Hydra Gauntlets
Hekatrix w/ Blast Pistol, Venom blade

3 Ravangers

Ok, I know Drazhar doesn't fit the cheap catagorey, but I love him. One reason I love him is he fixes two of the main issues of incubi: Leadership and Anti Tank. I also know that all the blast pistols are in unusually places, but I think Wyches are prime for what im looking for and the anti is much needed.

So that is about it. I think next post I might try a MSU Ork List and see how it goes. What kind of MSU  Assault lists can you come up with. Feel free to post whatever list you can come up with? How good do you think the lists I came up with will do?

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