Sunday, February 27, 2011

Modeling the Duke

Today we will look at a step by step on how I converted my own Duke Sliscus. He is a really cool charater and I think the dual swords are kick ass. I'll just warn you, this post is long and pic heavy. Feel free to skip to the end for some more shots of the finished model. If you still with me, I'm gonna get right into it
What you need:     Dark Elf Lokhir Fellheart Model
                             2 X Power Sword from the Wych Kit
                             1 Splinter Pistol bit from Warrior Kit
                             1 Head from the Warrior kit
                             1 Blast pistol bit from the Warrior Kit.
Step 1: Take off the Head

Now, i suppose if you wanted to, you could keep the head. It doesn't look bad. I find the biggest mistake people make in converting is keeping the small things because they can. The kraken helm is a major part of the Fellheart Model. If you want a  Duke model and not a "Lokhir model your using as the Duke" then head has got to go. This is actually one of the most annoying parts of the conversion, especial if your using a hobbydrill and sprue cutters. Just be patient and it should go fine.I left the very bottom tendrils of the helm and I wand to paint them to look like clasps for the cape.

Step 2: The Head
I really love the head I used. I had it on my archon before I started using Vect. It just has a sort of ninja look. It also goes with the fluff that he does not like to share the air with lesser species. You must cut the head to fit the cut made for the body. After that you simply glue the head to the body. This is what mine looked like.

Step 3: The Left Arm
The left army on th body is molded on. You could just alter the knife the the sword, but i wanted to duke to have Dark Eldar gauntlets  to distinguish him as an Dark Eldar instead of fantasy elf. You can easily cut off the left arm up to the cape. Sadly I forgot to get a pic at this point. Sorry.

The left arm bit is easily fixed. Just cut the arm off just above the glove end.


Step 4:  Now the right arm is a little more tricky. The body needs no work but the right arm sword will be tricky since the arm bit is left-handed.  You could just use the Lokhir arm and sword, but it just wouldn't look right. To me, twin blades means identical twin blades. Also, this conversion really needs a lot of Dark Eldar cues to pull it into the 41st millennia. 

First you take the Splinter pistol bit, and the second Wych sword bit. Now you want to cut the splinter pistol off the arm. Make sure to do this delicately and try to remove the trigger guard from around the finger.Later you will need to cut the arm off just above the gauntlet, but for now leave it on so you can get a good handle on the bit. Then you want to cut the top of the sword of just about the hand, but below the hand guard. Make sure to hang on to the hand bit, as you will need it in order to use the sword hand on the new arm. 

Then just glue them together. I recommend you use Plasti-Zap or some other form of plastic cement. These parts are too small to pin and super glue just won't cut if for a robust model. After that, clip the pistol handle off the new arm. Then cut the sword handle off the old arm and glue it on to the new arm.

Now all you do is cut the arm of just about the gauntlet and that arm is ready to go.

Step 5. Blast pistol:  As the Duke already has his hands full, the best way to model his blast pistol is to have it hanging from his belt. Take the blast pistol bit and cut off the arm. If you are careful you can cut the hand away leaving a reasonable handle behind. This will mostly be hidden so it doesn't have to be perfect. You may even have to trim the handle and bit to get it to fit well. Next simply glue the blast pistol to his side like so.

Step 6: Glue on the arms and Presto! you are read to take the Duke to battle! Here are some more pictures of the finished product.

So what do y'all think? Do you like or dislike it? What particular parts do you like or what could I do to make it look better? Comment and criticisms are appreciated.

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