Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Blog Fairy Cometh!! and OFF TO WAR!!!!

Well I got a visit( Cell call) from the Blog Fairy today. He/She/It told me that I wasn't updating my blog enough. I tried explaining to him that my wife had been puking for three straight days and I was trying to get my army painted for the upcoming team tournament. He didn't care. He said I was making excuses, So here I am, hands covered in paint at Midnight, when I got leave for the tournament in 5 hours, updating my blog. 

Any how, like a said, it has been a rough week. The Grizz and I decided last minute that we would drive down to DiceHead games in Cleavland for a Team tournament. Basically the rules are 1200 pts each player, One FOC, and you basically have to share to keep them even. To make a long story short, he is the hammer and I am the anvil. I tried to get all of my stuff finished, but alas  the show must go on. With out further ado....


Big Mek
           Eavy Armor
           Cybork Body
           Boss Pole
           Power Klaw

2 X 15 Lootas

2 X 19  Shoota Boys
               Power Klaw

10 Grots

2 X  Battle Wagons
        Extra Armor
         Red Paint
         2 X Big Shootas


     Master of the Reclusiarch

Sanquinary Priest

10 Death Company
        3 Power Weapon 
        1 Power Fist

DC Dread with Blood Talons and Extra armor

10 man Assault marine squad
      Sarge with Fist 
Baal Pred 
 Assault cannon and heavy bolters

Storm Raven
Assault Cannon
Multi Melta

Anywho, Wish us luck! and since I watched "Blade 2" today, I thought I would leave ya'll with this....

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