Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tourney Ideas

So yesterday I was building lists in preparation for this year's Maul In The Mall tournament, and it got me to thinking..."you know what would be fun? A tournament that forced you to build lists out of your element, made you take things you normally would not." the more I thought about it, the more enamored with the idea I became.

It seems that when I build a list, I have all these "go-to" units that I always take, making most of my builds play the same. And since 95% of the games I play are at the 2000 pt level, I have very little variation.

So I began to think about ideas to encourage change but keep it fun. So I came up with a few limitations to the list builds. The first was that each codex entry was 0-1, meaning that no entry could be taken more than once, except for troops/transports, which can be taken only twice. For example, my wolves would be limited to one rune priest and 2 grey hunter squads.

Now some of you may be saying, "Come on Grizz, this is just a nice way of trying to eliminate spam armies". Well, yes and no. With this setup, yes it eliminates spamming, but my intent is based solely on the purpose of people bringing lists that are off the wall and different than what we've all been playing, not because I hate spam and think its lame/waac/whatever.

I have no problem with multiple identical units, I just want something a little different. It's like I love steak, but every now and then a bucket of extra crispy fried chicken is kinda nice.

Another way to make it different is to change the points level, which I am thinkin around 1500. This changes everything about list building. Units that are great/suck at 2000pts may be suck/great at a different point level.

The whole idea behind this is for everyone involved to have fun and to build/try things that may may have never done before. It keeps things fresh and new.

So what do we think about the Grizz's tournament ideas? How do you feel about atypical tourneys, or tourneys that encourage different list builds or have off the wall missions?


  1. Sounds like our conversation! I agree, obviously, but I'm not going to take units that are widely believed as crappy ;p But at the same time, I don't want to take a list that everybody knows exactly what's's just a different game with information being at your finger tips and these "Uber builds" being posted by magical mathematicians...but in the end, even if your army isn't as cost efficient as the others, you can always have the element of surprise and dice's tough writing this on smartphone...I'm not even going to read what I wrote and just post it as is like all you bloggers do anyways

  2. Limiting to only 1 of anything is a bad idea. At that point, bad dice rolling can decimate anything. 2 is a great number. My entire 1500 point tourney army is based on 2. If one thing performs horribly, then the other duplicate unit has the chance to redeem the other. One unit can simply fail to perform. 2 is difficult to fail. 2 is hardly spam either. My army is far from good by net standards. It's not efficient or tough. In my hands though, I do really well. Even tied for first the past two times at the local tournament that happens every other weekend