Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thunderwolf Cav, ASSEMBLE!!!

Yesterday, I came home with an unopened box of Thunderwolf Cav. This evening, I present to you, my dear followers, is what they look like out of the box.

The Wolfpack

To the Right, To the Right...

...To the Left, To the Left.

TH/SS Close Up



The new Wolfkind with Lord Red Moon

The Pack Is on the Prowl...
 The TWC kit in my opinion may be one of the best GW has produced to date. They go together great, have all kinds of interchangeable parts, and are a lot of fun to paint. The models have a crap ton of character, and are very dynamic. I am almost sad to have finished them :(

If you play wolves and haven't picked up a box of these yet, do yourself a favor and pay a visit to your FLGS and pick up a box. You won't be disappointed!

So what do we think, did The Grizz do the new kit justice, or has he failed horribly? Your comments below!

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