Monday, February 20, 2012

Back To Business

Ok, followers, we are back in business!! Sorry about the lag, life happened, and computers crashed and a bunch of other excuses that y'all don't care about! The important thing is that Da Deff Komp'ny is back, and will be regulary updated, at least weekly. So what has happened since our last visit? The Grizz has raised his army count to 5 with the addition of some new Grey Knight stuff. What does this mean for you guys? One more thing to listen to me blather about and post pictures about. So without further adieu, some pics of my new stuff!
Armies on Parade!!!

Purifier and My Grand Master (Don't worry, we will drill those barrels out!!)

What I have painted right now

The plan is to paint everything before I put it together, that way when I am done I will have a completely painted 2000pt army from the getgo. Keep your eyes open for updates, let me know what you think about the new painted mini's, and hopefully we'll have a video batrep in store for you next week! Stay Tuned!!!

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